Ortega River Club

    Every Tuesday Night

Free intermediate lessons begin each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., followed by basic lessons at 7:30 p.m. Open dancing begins at 8:00 p.m. Both intermediate and basic instructions are a series of six lessons taught by FCSC dance instructors.

No partner needed. ORC bar opens at 6:30 p.m.      $5 cover charge for non-ORC members. 

4165 Lakeside Dr.  
Jacksonville, FL 32210


Note we have suspended the 3rd Sunday dances in Fernandina as of 2/15/2024

Thanks to Elaine Wheeler for her years of service as the organizer and mentor of these dances. And to Ron Combs and Kathy Altman for teaching.

Instructional DVDs

The FCSC Shag Instructors have put together a series of three instructional DVDs that can be purchased for $15.00 each. All profits go to help support the club. The videos consist of the steps taught in the free group lessons that are provided to members and guests. Please contact any of the FCSC Instructors, Officers, or Board members if you are interested.

Club Dance Instructors

Linda LiBrandi is our Dance Instructor coordinator. 



Basic Lesson Schedule

** Indicates steps that are optional depending on time and class experience level.

Lesson 1

Basic Steps
Female Turn

Lesson 2

The Start
Side Pass

Lesson 3

Male Turn

Lesson 4


Change Hand Release

Lesson 5 & 6     


Belly Roll

Traveling Belly Roll **           



** Indicates steps that are optional depending on time and class experience level.

Lesson 1 (Turns)

Double Female
Double Male
Breakaway From Closed
Male, Female, Both
Triple Basic
Sidepass Turns **
Female Inside **

Tuck Turns **

Lesson 2 (Applejacks)

Forward Sailor Shuffle
Funky AppleJacks
Triple Applejack
Rotating Sugarfoot**

Lesson 3 (Basic Variations)

Setup / Coaster Step
Behind Sailor
Instructors' Choice**

Lesson 4 (Pivot Steps)

Revolving Door
Pivot With Male Turn Out
Pivot With Female Turn Out

Pivot with Revolving Door

Shoulder Roll Pivot 
Instructors' Choice**

Lesson 5 (Walkups)

Walkup Slide
Back Prep
Pam / Super Pam
Back Prep into Sugarfoot**
Double Pam **

Lesson 6 (Boogiewalks)

Sidewalk with Boogie
Walkup into Boogie & Pivot**
Funky AJ w/Boogie or Lean**
Atlanta Hesitation**






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